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Helvetas - Project Amhara

2020 has brought on much uncertainty and many unexpected challenges. Especially in these unsettling times, we must come together to help the less fortunate. Therefore, as in the past years, Swan continues to support water projects managed by Helvetas. With this year's contribution Swan is supporting the project AIRWASH in Amhara.

The aim is to build and refurbish 100 water supply systems which will profit 13 500 Ethiopians and to educate the locals about the importance of hygiene, thus improving their living conditions and health as well as enabling the children to attend school regularly.

Swan has been supporting Helvetas projects since 2002. Click on the picture below to watch the video.

SWAN helps to significantly lower maintenance costs by eliminating resin changing of the CACE measurement.


Image: Refurbished instruments and back-pressure regulators (original Sampling system not supplied by Swan Systeme AG).

Hinwil, Switzerland 25-11-2016 – SWAN Systeme AG upgrades the instrumentation on a third party sampling system.  The installation of multiple AMI CACE  analyzers and of Swan Back-pressure regulators in a Swiss waste incineration plant improves the overall instrumentation availability and reduces system maintenance cost. The original sample coolers, valves and system structure from a third party supplier were kept unchanged, mainly for budgetary reasons.

The periodic exchange of passive cation exchanger resin with new or with regenerated resin is costly, requires time and leads to temporary loss of measurement during maintenance and rinse-down time. Additionally, fresh resin causes biased measurements due to varying resin quality and ion leaching effects.

The upgrade of the sample conditioning according to VGB-S006-2012 and the AMI CACE were well perceived due to its application-specific low maintenance concept featuring integrated automatic electro-deionization (EDI) for continuous resin regeneration. The significantly smaller resin volumes of AMI CACE enabled shorter response times in detecting the anions. The integrated flow throttle and digital sample flow meter provides stable hydraulic conditions as well as local and remote sample flow monitoring. The AMI CACE determines the sample pH value by differential conductivities, other than maintenance intensive pH electrodes in samples with volatile alkalisation. The robust high-precision conductivity and temperature sensors and the non-linear automatic temperature compensation feature guarantees the integrity of the measured values.