Helvetas - Project Amhara

2020 has brought on much uncertainty and many unexpected challenges. Especially in these unsettling times, we must come together to help the less fortunate. Therefore, as in the past years, Swan continues to support water projects managed by Helvetas. With this year's contribution Swan is supporting the project AIRWASH in Amhara.

The aim is to build and refurbish 100 water supply systems which will profit 13 500 Ethiopians and to educate the locals about the importance of hygiene, thus improving their living conditions and health as well as enabling the children to attend school regularly.

Swan has been supporting Helvetas projects since 2002. Click on the picture below to watch the video.

SWAN helps to significantly lower maintenance costs by eliminating resin changing of the CACE measurement.


Image: Refurbished instruments and back-pressure regulators (original Sampling system not supplied by Swan Systeme AG).

Hinwil, Switzerland 25-11-2016 – SWAN Systeme AG upgrades the instrumentation on a third party sampling system.  The installation of multiple AMI CACE  analyzers and of Swan Back-pressure regulators in a Swiss waste incineration plant improves the overall instrumentation availability and reduces system maintenance cost. The original sample coolers, valves and system structure from a third party supplier were kept unchanged, mainly for budgetary reasons.

The periodic exchange of passive cation exchanger resin with new or with regenerated resin is costly, requires time and leads to temporary loss of measurement during maintenance and rinse-down time. Additionally, fresh resin causes biased measurements due to varying resin quality and ion leaching effects.

The upgrade of the sample conditioning according to VGB-S006-2012 and the AMI CACE were well perceived due to its application-specific low maintenance concept featuring integrated automatic electro-deionization (EDI) for continuous resin regeneration. The significantly smaller resin volumes of AMI CACE enabled shorter response times in detecting the anions. The integrated flow throttle and digital sample flow meter provides stable hydraulic conditions as well as local and remote sample flow monitoring. The AMI CACE determines the sample pH value by differential conductivities, other than maintenance intensive pH electrodes in samples with volatile alkalisation. The robust high-precision conductivity and temperature sensors and the non-linear automatic temperature compensation feature guarantees the integrity of the measured values.   

SWAN’s AMI Transmitters support all common interfaces and communication protocols.


Hinwil, Switzerland April 15, 2016 – SWAN’s AMI monitors V2.5 communication options support all common interfaces and communication protocols.
The AMI Transmitters enable digital, analog and hybrid communication covering the following protocols and interfaces:

  • Profibus DP
  • Modbus RTU 
  • 3rd signal output
  • HART 7 Communication
  • USB Interface 

“Our multiple interfaces and communication protocols allow us to suit our customers’ requirements and implement our on-line monitoring system solutions into any plant” said Marco Brunner, General Manager from SWAN Analytical Middle East.

SWAN Analytical Instruments equips the Kocaeli water treatment plant in Turkey with 64 instrument units.


SWAN instruments helps to maintain the water quality for the region of Kocaeli.

Hinwil, Switzerland Feb. 29, 2016 - SWAN, the leading online water quality monitoring equipment supplier, has installed 64 instruments in the drinking water treatment plant operated by the water and sewage administration of the municipality of Kocaeli.

The drinking water treatment plant located near Izmit has a daily capacity of 480’000m3.
The processing steps involve treatments such as ventilation, clarification, sludge treatment, filtering, disinfection and fresh water tanks which are then distributed to 41 drinking water storage tanks for chlorination before being fed into network. In order to maintain the quality of the drinking water according to the standards defined by the World Health Organisation, European Union and the Turkish Standards Institute, SWAN equipped the water storage tanks used for chlorine dosing and turbidity control with 64 instrument units monitoring pH, disinfectants and turbidity.
“We are happy to operate the user friendly SWAN on-line analyzers”. said the branch manager for potable water automation systems of ISU Kocaeli Water and Sewerage Administration. “We thank SWAN for its liaison and support during all stages of the installation, commissioning and performance testing.”


The ISU Kocaeli Water and Sewerage Administration operates the following SWAN instruments:


3rd Power Cycle Instrumentation Seminar 2016 (Beijing, China)


18-06-2016 – SWAN participated at the 3rd PPChem Power Cycle Instrumentation Seminar held in Beijing from the 18th to the 19th of June.
This event was organized by PowerPlant Chemistry Journal, one of the industry’s most dedicated journals, with the support of BOECS and SWAN Analytical Instruments AG.

Jieyu Cao, Director of the Plant Chemistry Technical Department at TPRI and Dr. Barry Dooley, Executive Secretary from IAPWS moderated two exciting days.
SWAN actively participated in the conference with well-received presentations held by Randy Turner, Technical Director of SWAN USA and Manuel Sigrist, CEO of SWAN Systems AG.

Other well-received speakers were Fengtao Wang, Director of the Environmental Research Institute, HNEPRI, Ying Zhao, Senior Chemistry Executive of Production Department – Datang International Power Generation Co. LTD and Tapio Werder, Editor of the PowerPlant Chemistry Journal.

This event focused on the domains of:

  • Discussing the choice of appropriate chemical treatment for water-steam cycles
  • Evaluating an appropriate chemical regime according to IAPWS
  • Discussing the management of cycle chemistry
  • Promoting technical exchange on power plant chemistry between china and abroad

Continuous on-line reproducibility of 5 ppt which enhances our ultra-high measuring range of silica trace levels in ultra-pure water


Hinwil, Switzerland 17-08-2016 – SWAN’s AMI Silitrace Ultra is a unique product solution that embodies continuous reproducibility with ultra-high accuracy in the on-line monitoring of silica concentration in ultra-pure water (UPW), to ensure the integrity of product quality.


  • Measuring range: 5 ppt (0,005 ppb) to 25 ppb
  • Reproducibility: ± 0.005 ppb or ± 5%
  • Continuous and automatic monitoring of main instrument functions such as: sample flow, reagent supply and process integrity
  • UPW concentrator (patented “Carrcentrator” or Reversed Osmosis System created by SWAN AG in partnership with Intel Corporation)

The AMI Silitrace Ultra is the only product of its kind, capable of combining a measuring range of 0.005 ppb - 25 ppb, previously only obtainable through sample testing in analytical laboratories, with an on-line and continuous reproducibility of ± 5 ppt. Knowing true contaminant levels at all times is crucial for gap free data accumulation and valuable (future) trend analyses.
This is due to the fact that the AMI Silitrace Ultra uses the UPW concentrator technique; an evidence based method that enhances our powerful on-line silica analyzer to continuously monitor real silica levels in UPW up to 40 times more accurate. This technique uses the innovative UPW concentrator (Carrcentrator), which was created by SWAN AG in partnership with and patented by Intel Corporation.

Find out more about the AMI Silitrace Ultra.


Helvetas Water Project 2015

For 2015, SWAN has decided to support the Jikura project in Mali. Despite notable progress in rural areas of the Sikasso region, half of the population still do not have access to drinking water. The aims of the Jikura project is to teach the locals about the importance of hygiene and to improve access to drinking water and sanitation.

To learn more about the water projects Helvetas works on:   
Helvetas (English)               Helvetas (German)             

By working with Helvetas for many years, we can guarantee that our donations are being used properly.

SWAN thanks you for your support and confidence in us and wishes you peace, happiness and prosperity during the holiday season and throughout the New Year.

SWAN Launches New Monitor AMI CACE

Acid conductivity monitoring - No more resin changing required

Hinwil, Switzerland 04-10-2016 – SWAN has re-invented the conductivity measurement with an attractive blend of reproducibility and performance, lowering resin consumption and significantly minimizing time and costs spent on maintenance.
AMI CACE continuously measures conductivity, before and after cation exchange, as well as determining the pH value of the sample and alkalizing reagent concentration.
The online monitor AMI CACE will be a key component of current and next generation water steam cycle instrumentation as it enables significant cost savings at increased instrument availability.

  • No resin changing or resin rinse down time required
  • Low maintenance
  • Continuous monitoring of sample flow and sample temperature
  • Short response time for the detection of anions

Find out more about the AMI CACE.


IXA23462000 AMI CACE provisorisch.jpg

SWAN’s 25th Anniversary

11-06-2016 – SWAN celebrated its 25th anniversary.
As part of the celebrations, SWAN marked its anniversary with two events inviting the public, customers, suppliers and distributors from all over the world to its headquarters in Hinwil, Switzerland.
The first of these events was an Open Day where company tours were given to its guests to provide a first-hand and an in-depth impression of SWAN’s capabilities. Various inter-company departments had the opportunity to explain the processes and stages which each product passes through before being shipped. They got to see the story behind the instruments and innovation at the R&D department where the cutting edge of new ideas are being developed.

Further highlights were the visiting of the immaculate craftsmanship of sensor manufacturing, the assembly of the final instrument and the wet bench.
This proved to be an exciting experience, showing the region’s most innovative and progressive side.
The program was completed with a company presentation of SWAN Systems’ engineering services.

The second day of the program was the absolute highlight for SWAN and its employees, where colleagues from all over the world were flown in to come and celebrate the company’s 25th birthday. The magnitude of the event in combination with some great weather were the perfect ingredients for an amazing atmosphere. Circus Monti was hired to help shape this day to something that will be remembered for a long time to come by building 2 huge tents outside of the headquarters. The ceremony commenced with drinks and social interactions followed by a sit-down dinner and fantastic performances of the Monti acrobats.

Read more

2016_jubiläumsfest (530).JPG

PPChem Power Cycle Instrumentation Seminar in Carlsbad, CA, USA

PPChem PCIS logo 2015 USA 300 dpi.jpg
In November, SWAN will be proudly sponsoring a seminar in Carlsbad, CA. Waesseri GmbH, publisher of PowerPlant Chemistry Journal, has organized this seminar.

Topics that will be discussed are:
  • New VGB guidelines for boiler feed water, boiler water and steam
  • Sampling systems: engineering specifications and guidelines (VGB, IAPWS)
  • Quality assurance techniques and maintenance planning and many more.

PCIS aims to increase the knowledge of cycle chemistry and expand the awareness for analytical instruments.

Experts from different companies will come together and share their experiences from the field. Not only do you get a chance to hear about different experiences but you also get a chance to be part of a hands-on session where you get to work with real instruments.

For more details about this seminar, please read the invitation below. Should you be interested, there are still a few spaces open. Send your registration and questions to seminars@waesseri.com .

PPChem Power Cycle Instrumentation Seminar in Tokyo, Japan

This September PPChem will be holding a seminar in Tokyo, Japan. Organized by Waesseri GmbH, publisher of the PowerPlant Chemistry Journal, we are proud to be the main sponsor of this event.

Just to name a few topics that will be held during the Power Cycle Instrumentation Seminar; water/steam cycle monitoring requirements for combined cycle power plants, chemical regimes and the respective monitoring requirements etc. The PCIS aims to increase the knowledge of cycle chemistry and expand the awareness for analytical instruments.

The seminar consists of experts from different companies with a wide experience in the field. Not only do you get a chance to hear about the different experiences but you also get the chance to be part of a hands-on session where you get to work with real instruments.

To find our more about the seminar please read the invitation. There are still spaces open. If you are interested in taking part in the seminar, please send your registration to seminars@waesseri.com.