Our Activities

Tender Consulting 

We offer consulting services for the definition of tender documents related to SWAS packages. As an expert in the field of SWAS and online water analyzers with many specialists at our disposal, we are your partner of choice when it comes to defining the functional requirements of a SWAS package. 

Our practical experience from our own and from third party SWAS packages allows us to also define execution requirements. These are required to ensure easy and cost efficient operation, long term reliability and maintainability of your sampling system. 

We understand both the processes of your plants and the water quality measurements required. As experts in this highly specialized area we can contribute our knowledge to this complex part of your tender.  


System Contracting 

When we build a SWAS for one of your projects, we are more than a workshop; building and documenting the system according to your specification. 

We will suggest alternatives and improvements where we consider that the specification has gaps or unclear points. Our primary goal will always be to deliver a SWAS fit for the planned application so you and your end customer can rely upon the function of our system for a long lasting period of operation.  



We are your partner for on-site services related to the SWAS on a worldwide basis. We offer: 


  • Supervision of erection works 
  • Commissioning services 
  • Trainings for instrumentation and sample conditioning 
  • Troubleshooting (remote and on-site) 
  • After-sales services 
  • Spare parts & consumables  


As a member of the SWAN Group, we can provide you these services in collaboration with our worldwide distribution and service network for analytical instruments.