Press Release - Project Alstom Birr

Water-Steam Sampling & Analysis System  

SWAN Systeme AG has been awarded the contract for the water-steam sampling and analysis system to be installed at the ALSTOM GT test center in Birr. The test turbine is currently being upgraded with a small HRSG and associated water-steam cycle. The steam will be used within the GT cycle for air pre-heating and for direct injection into the hot gas path. 

The sampling & analysis system is designed to handle frequent start-stop operation with minimal operator intervention. It features sample flow monitoring at instrument level and uses Profibus DP as basis for signal exchange, thus ensuring the availability of all process parameters and status information of the process values on one side and a maximum flexibility for later upgrades on the other. 

The shelter based sampling system is designed for outside installation and equipped with 6 sample lines and 10 instruments.   


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