Press Release - Project Claus C

Water / Steam Analysis Equipment for Claus C

For a few years, SWAN Systeme AG and Alstom Power have been successfully working together on several international projects. Recently, the system house of the SWAN group has been awarded a contract by Alstom (Essent) to supply water / steam analysis equipment for the upgraded Claus C power plant. The scope of supply includes 3 shelters for the HRSG, one rack for feedwater and one condensate cabinet.    


The air-conditioned monobloc shelters will be placed close to the respective HRSGs, thus ensuring short sample lines and consistent sampling conditions for all units. Each shelter is equipped with sample conditioning for 6 lines and instrumentation for conductivity, sodium and pH.  

The feedwater sampling rack contains one line and instruments for measuring pH, dissolved oxygen and conductivity. It is located in the feedwater building.  The main condensate sampling cabinet includes one sample conditioning line and instrumentation for oxygen and conductivity. It can be upgraded with a sodium analyser. The cabinet wil be located in the main turbine building close to the condensate extraction pumps for fast on-line sampling.     


SWAN Systeme AG will deliver the SWAS equipment to Alstom early summer. Provisional Acceptance Certification (PAC) will occur around October 2011.      


About Claus C  

The Claus power plant is located in Maasbracht, Netherlands. It is operated by Essent, an international energy trading company based in Geneva, Switzerland. Claus C will be built next to the existing power plant. With the repowering of Claus B und the construction of Claus C, the combined-cycle power plant generates 1,280 MW based on GT26 technology. 


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