Clean Water for Rural Communities in Benin


The Country and Its Population 

Benin is almost three times the size of Switzerland but is one of the 20 poorest countries worldwide. About 6.3 million people, nearly three quarters of the inhabitants live below the poverty line and have no access to clean drinking water. 


We want to change that!

That’s why we are again financially supporting Helvetas, an organization that has been working in the field of water supply and sanitation in Benin for 15 years.

The Project 


The project work includes:

  • Restoration of wells (cleaning, covering, installation of foot pumps).
  • Guaranteeing of operation and maintenance of the wells. 
  • Training courses for construction and maintenance workers. 
  • Coordination of all partners involved in the project.
  • Hygiene sensitization

With this project, 11 villages will gain access to clean drinking water. Among these are Pérèrè, Gninsy, Kpébié, Alafiarou, Kalalé, Péonga and Dunkassa. Up to 250 people can benefit from just one restored well.


Based on our experience during our longstanding cooperation with Helvetas, the SWAN group can be assured that our donation will be spent in the correct places. For more information about drinking water projects and the organization Helvetas, please check:

Clean water can be provided by a covered well with a foot pump
Many wells in Benin, like this one in Alafiarou, are in urgent need of resturation.