Water Steam Sampling and Analysis Systens for Saudi Electricity Company Power Plant PP10

Advanced SWAS Technology

Each sampling & analysis shelter collects the samples of 4 dual pressure drum boilers, a common steam turbine and an air-cooled condenser pre-heater train. Each shelter is equipped with sam­ple conditioning for 22 lines and according instrumentation for conductivity, oxygen, pH, sodium and silica.

Each system features an advanced PLC-based local HMI. Communication to and from DCS is handled entirely via redundant Modbus TCP which allows the transmission of process values and of their associated STATUS, thus granting  an immediate validation of the process values at DCS level. Given the number of HRSGs and power plant blocks, automatic measurement validation is essential to control the water-chemistry of the plant.

SWAN Systeme AG is delivering the equipment block by block. The first systems are already delivered to the site while the further units are undergoing the final touches in our Hinwil workshops. 

About PP10

The Riyadh PP10 plant is owned and operated by SEC (Saudi Electricity Company). The plant recently entered commercial operation in simple-cycle mode and is adding about 3,400 megawatts to Saudi Arabia’s grid.

The first two combined-cycle blocks at PP10 are scheduled to begin commercial operation in the second half of 2015, in time to meet the summer peak demands, while the full combined-cycle plant will be online by the first half of 2016 with a full capacity of around 4’700 MW, making PP10 one of the largest combined cycle power plants in the world.